Denim repairs done by the denim authority


What's the difference between and its competition/local dry cleaner?

Many of our competitors, as well as your local dry cleaner, will simply repair the jeans with a patch and common sewing machine. uses a machine that is specifically made for repairing jeans. It's called a darning machine. It basically reweaves the fabric so no uncomfortable patch is necessary. We have many years of experience in repairing all different types of jeans the proper way, the old fashioned way. Our repairs do not affect the fit of the jean.

What is darning and why is it better than other repair methods?

The darning process anchors a thread on the edge of a hole and carries it across the hole untill the hole is eventually covered with thread. It's a way of repairing jeans without applying a patch. It's a way of "re-weaving" the deteriorated fabric. Without a darning machine a seamstress must take apart the entire outer seam of your jeans in order to do the repair. The seam then needs to be re-sewn which can effect the fit of the jean and the long term durability. 

Where do I send my jeans to get repaired once I made the purchase?

Once you have made the purchase print out the order confirmation email and mail your jeans to the address on the receipt.  The address is 3838 Troost Ave, Kansas City, MO 64109

How long does a repair typically take?

The turn time for the actual repair work to be done is typically 4 days. The other variable is the shipping, we offer overnight as well as ground and two day shipping. You will receive an email with the tracking number once your jeans are finished.

Do I need to clean my jeans before I send them to you?

We can only work on clean jeans. We have full dry cleaning and washing equipment in our facility so we are happy to do it for you. There is an option on the Purchase Repair Options tab to get your jeans washed or cleaned. Please purchase one of these options if you would like us to clean your jeans.

What is the difference between dry cleaning and washing my jeans?

Technically the main difference is washing uses water with our proprietary ph detergent, and dry cleaning uses special solvent with specially formulated detergents for the types of fabrics and soils being addressed. Washing is better for water soluble spots and stains and dry cleaning is better for removing greases, oils, waxes and other solvent soluble spots and stains. Dry cleaning will remove less color in the cleaning process and it will soften the jeans more than washing.

Where are the actual repairs being done?

All of the work is being done in Kansas City at one of the oldest garment facilities in the country. We have been repairing garments for over 100 years. Our address is 3838 Troost St, Kansas City MO 66213

What if I have more than one pair to send in?

You can send as many pairs as you like in one order. Select the needed repairs for all of the jeans, then place a copy of your order in the package and leave notes to our seamstress with specific details for each jean. Also, the bag that you get your jeans back in is reusable, please hold onto it for your next repair.

What do you do for the environment?

Everything that we do at is environmentally friendly, including the fact that we use the GreenEarth dry cleaning process and shipping bags that can be reused. We also recycle paper and cardboard packing materials. 

Do you match the shade of the jeans when repairing?

Yes, we do our best to match the shade of the jeans. If you don't want the shade matched and would like to use a contrast color please advise. You will be prompted after you put the purchase in the basket for "notes to your seamstress" please add these comments there. 

How will I know my jeans are done?

You will get a tracking number via email once your jeans are complete.

You say all repairs are guaranteed, how does that work?

All repairs that are done by are guaranteed for workmanship. If any of our repairs fail we will gladly mend them again for you.