Denim repairs done by the denim authority




I want to thank you for saving my jeans. When I lost 50 pounds these were the first non-fat pants I bought... for a long time I would wash them a lot, until I learned that only shortens the life of them. Well, these jeans were really hanging on by a thread, and now, they are sturdy and have plenty more life left in them. When they took so long to get to you, I was quite nervous, but then your team repaired them and sent them back out within a day, which was unexpected and very sweet. Not only would I recommend this service to everyone, around the world, but when Casey Neistat said you did a great job, it was all I needed to hear. Maybe he should be a sponsor :) Thanks again. -Dave


Thanks so much!  I appreciate the quick response!  Got my Jeans today and they looked awesome!  I was super impressed with the work done to patch them up.  Thank you so much and I look forward to sending more stuff over in the future.  Thank you! -Brandon


Awesome service. You can’t tell the differences in the hem plus I still have the right proportion of the boot cut. I have never been able to get the right length off the shelf but your service is close to having jeans custom made. In fact, I sent 2 more pairs of jeans today. Thanks! - Chris H.


I have 3 more pair of selvedge jeans and I would gladly spend the cost incurred to have them repaired by you guys. The shipping, etc. was amazingly simple. You’ll be seeing another pair by next week. - Josh B.


I was really pleased with your service! I was a bit nervous about it -- sending you my favorite jeans and not being sure what the outcome would be. I had a "blingy" rivet repaired on my Miss Me jeans and I was SO happy to get them back looking just perfect! The price was really reasonable. I will definitely use your service again - in fact I sent of a second pair to you, to be hemmed, last week. I am recommending you to anyone who will listen! - Mike D


I cannot say enough about the great job that was done on my jeans. I can hardly see the repair. The process was fast easy and painless. A well done to all involved. - Beth L.


I'm very happy with my jeans repair. They were a little stiff at first-understandable b/c you had to reinforce a significant area! but they've softened up and I'm still wearing my favorite jeans when I feared they would have to be retired. My contact with Eric before I sent you my jeans was crucial. He replied to my inquiry email, gave me his cell number, took my call, and let me text him pics of my jeans. This is definitely what gave me enough trust in your company to send you my beloved jeans (and $). Thanks for the great service. - Shannon



Thank you so much for the awesome repair. To be honest I thought these jeans were headed to the trash, they were just torn so bad (hey, weight training :D). I've tried a few repair services and your work, timeframe are great and your prices are reasonable. I'm definitely going to send the rest of my repairs to you. -Mia


Denim Repair was such an easy process. (Much easier than schlepping to the store to try on several pairs of jeans only to be disappointed that they aren't as good as the ones I've loved for years.) Couldn't replace them, so I loved that I could have them repaired instead of buying new. Good quality repair, too. Would definitely recommend this service to friends 


I truly couldn't be happier. I have recently lost 25 pounds and am proud of that. These jeans once again fit like a dream but they're not made anymore! As I ran into this dilemma, I found you out of necessity. You exceeded all expectations and I can wear these jeans again with pride. I really appreciate you and I'm grateful for your support in my journey to get my old body back albeit indirectly. I will be using your services again when the need arises. I appreciate you.


Thanks so much for saving my old favorite jeans I had no idea this could be done before finding you. It's very cool and the turn time and the price are very reasonable. I will be sure to tell all of my friends. - Steve


I just want to say that I was impressed with the quality of the work. When I got my pants back it took me a moment to even find the spot that was fixed. Thanks for doing such great work. I have told lots of people about your services and the quality work that you do. Thanks again. - Matthew


I have been walking around for the past year with rips in my favorite  jeans. Wear after wear the holes grew bigger and I finally realized that I needed professional help! When I heard about the concept of denim repair, I was immediately intrigued. Last month I got the courage to part with 4 of my best blues. I was completely impressed with the ease of the website, the service and the end result! I am happy to spread the good word - Kacey