Denim repairs done by the denim authority
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Repair Options


Shorten Hem, Chainstitch or Replace Original Hem

Shorten Hem, Chainstitch or Replace Original Hem


We will shorten your jeans to the desired length and sew the hem with an authentic chainstitch or sew the original hem back so the jeans look like they did when sent them to us only shorter. 

If your jeans are raw/unwashed or dark you probably want to get the chainstitch hemming option. If they are lighter or distressed you probably want us to replace the original hem.

We chain stitch the right way with a 1930’s Union Special 43200G sewing machine, it’s very rare, there are about 50 of these in the world and we have one to do the job the authentic way.

Chainstitch or replace original hem:
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